Doktor Hemma for Businesses

Doktor Hemma can also visit your company and do routine PCR tests or check if a colleague has been infected with Covid-19. By taking our quick test, you will get a result the same day and avoid the waiting time that can take up to several days

Booking a visit to your company has many advantages compared to regular health centers and online services

Close Help

Book early visits, we will come to the company or a home of a colleague


Our doctors can visit at a time of your choosing


All our doctors are specialists and they have many years of experience

Site Visit

Avoid long waiting times at the health center – we will come to you


All our medical staff are licensed

Easy payment

Invoice, swish or card payment on site

Sounds Interesting?

Call us directly and find out more!


Get a doctor’s visit the same day

We can perform testing, perform vaccinations and print prescriptions. We investigate and treat, among other things, infections, allergies, ear infections, back and neck pain as well as minor injuries after accident

Book a fast test for Covid 19 today!

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